A commonly used and versatile paint - we can supply acrylic in all sizes, prices and hues. Try some acrylic medium to enhance the texture, or prolong drying time.
Products always at low prices.
You can never have too many accessories! We have your essentials; from palette knives to the spectacular spinning colour wheel, to help you create with optimum style and ease.

Check our selection of Art and Creativity kits, each kit provides you with all the tools you need to explore a different medium.

Be it loose or stretched, you can find your canvas needs here. We offer primed and un-primed canvas in a wide range of brands. Mounted on board, framed, in a pad or by the metre, our canvases have you covered.
View our great range of art products.

We know from working inside a School of Art & Creativity what should get your creative juices flowing ...at a decent price.

If you've got an image you love, then consider framing as the icing on the cake. Our framing and mounting supplies will set you up with the essential finishing tools and materials to make you… well… frame-ous.
A brilliant and vibrant water-based paint, gouache will render your image velvety and smooth. High in opacity and pigment, you'll find that a little gouache goes a long way.

Marabu Graphix Aqua Pens are available in presorted colour sets. So that you always find the right shades to express your ideas properly.

Brilliant colours thanks to high-quality, low-odour water-based ink. Double tips (contour tip and flexible brush tip).


Looking to make a mark in the art world? Then the pens and markers we have on offer can help you make it! From permanent markers to fine-nib pens; your illustration and drawing needs can be found here.
Get hands-on with the modelling and moulding materials available at our store. The 3D modelling material we offer will let your imagination run wild and your creativity soar.
Choose from the wide selection of high quality and affordable oil paints we have available. A range of oil mediums such as 'fat' and 'high gloss finish' are available to add gloss and glamour to your oil painting.

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*Some offers only available through online purchase.

The variety of papers available from our store will suit any of your printmaking, pastel, watercolour or drawing needs. These are available in an exciting assortment of colours.
This striking drawing material can range from chalk pastel to oil pastel. Check out our range of pastel papers to draw on as well.
An assorted collection of everyday drawing materials.
Developing a need for high quality photography paper? Or, maybe you require exposure to 35mm film? Get your photography goods here.
Printmaking requires a range of specific materials and tools. Whether it be a silk screen to screen-print with, or some richly coloured inks, we can help you get what you need.
For that fine precision sculpting, look at the tools we have on offer. We also sell all the tools needed for cutting, crafting, and creating your artwork.
This sophisticated paint is capable of making fantastically dynamic images. Add texture or increase gloss with the water-colour medium on offer.