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Chinese Brushes

The vivid and varied calligraphic style of Chinese brushwork comes from the combination of three things: a soft absorbent brush, soaked in strong Chinese or Indian ink, and the permeability of Chinese (rice) paper.

These brushes are designed to hold a large quantity of watery paint or ink and they are excellent for making lines that go from very fine and thin to broad, expressive, swooping strokes.

Painting on rice paper, traditional Chinese brushwork makes no differentiation between brushes that are used for calligraphy and those used for painting.

Besides using the brush confidently and expressively, another important skill that comes with practice is knowing how much to dilute the ink and how wet your brush should be.

A variation of Chinese Brush Painting can be painted on watercolour paper. You will use a lot more water because the surface isn’t soaked the same way as rice paper.

To keep your brushes in perfect condition we recommend cleaning them with 'Incredible Brush Cleaner' - it really is incredible!

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